Were you affected by coughing fits yesterday on the North Promenade Cleethorpes?

We’ve recieved reports that numerous people with kids were affected.

We have received reports that, Sometime yesterday on the promenade people suddenly started to cough uncontrollably.

North Promenade

This was the information we recieved today. If you was affected please contact us.

This occurrence has nothing to do with moon on the water which was stated earlier and just want to reiterate this.

We were in Cleethorpes yesterday for the day. We stood outside on the promenade just finishing off food/drinks before getting in the car.

I suddenly felt like something was in my throat and began to cough alot and couldnt stop.

Suddenly everyone as they walked towards us also began to cough uncontrollably! I did not see any smoke or smell anything strange.

North Promenade

I have reported it to the police who are going to look at cctv in the area, they did say I was ok to share on social media and pass any information back to them.

We were told by the police to seek medical advise, especially due to my 6 month old baby and 3 year old child coughing also.

It may have been a silly practical joke, but it did really panic me with my children being so small.

I just wondered if anyone else who was there might see the post and also give their account to police.

The police also asked that we place our clothes into a bag incase they need to test what is on them.

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