Vulnerable male rescued from entering the water 3-4-19

A vulnerable man aged 25yrs rescued from entering the tide on Wednesday night 3-4-19.

Rescuers go out to search for distressed man
Male rescued from beach.

Humberside Police received a call around 11pm on Wednesday night 3-4-19 with concern for a male who had believed to have headed out to the tide in a distressed state.

Cleethorpes coastguard RNLI and around 10-15 police officers went out to look for the vulnerable male along the the seafront Out past the pier and further down the beach at wonderland.

The RNLI rescue crew received a call for help around 10.30 and went out in the boat to search for the man who was reportedly even seen heading out to the water.

Police could be seen checking for the man on the rock groyne and flares were fired to lighten the sky to try and locate the man.

Flares lighting the sky as rescuers look for the male
Police officers check the rock groyne.

The police and rescuers could hear shouting coming from far out but was hard to locate exactly were from.

Then, At around 12.10am the rescue crew and police on the prom received a message to say the male had been found.

©️ Cleethorpes News 24 RNLI rescue crew walk back with the distressed male.

The rescue team walked the man back to the safety of the prom were a ambulance was waitin to treat the male.

male safely brought back to safety

The man was clearly in a distressed way and was shouting out to a family member who was across the the road.

The man was then lead in to the ambulance were he would get the treatment and help he obviously needs.

Thanks once again for another successful ending to someone in distress. Also Avery big thank to all the services involved what a fantastic but dangerous job you all do.

  • Humberside Police .
  • Cleethorpes Coastguard.
  • RNLI Cleethorpes.

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