Update VW Caddy crash last night.

Workers remove damaged lamp post from the scene.

Workers removed the damaged lampost

Following the crash last on Grimsby road Cleethorpes night workmen turned up to remove the damaged lamp post from the buildings.

Damaged lampost being removed.

The accident happened around 10.30 last night. The red VW caddy was believed to have lost control and smashed straight in to the lampost.

Damaged car and lampost

A near by neighbour went over to the crash to help. It is believed the driver was a disabled lad in an assisted vehicle.

He was asked if he wanted a hand getting out but he waited for police and ambulance to let him out. It looked there wasnt any seroius injuries as he was sat in the back of ambulance for a while receiving help before it left the scene.

Looks like driver had lucky escape and didnt suffer any serious injuries.

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