Update from Park street drugs raid yesterday

Checking the rear of the property

More pictures released from yesterdays raid.

Video from the raid yesterday

Cannabis grow found during drugs warrant


25 Apr 2019

Officers have seized a number of cannabis plants as well as five large bags, three seedlings, and seven 28g bags of the drug at a property in Cleethorpes during a drugs warrant executed yesterday.

Equipment thought to be used in preparing cannabis was also found during the warrant executed under section 23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act.

The drugs were taken away and the property was made safe.

A man later voluntarily attended a police station and was spoken to by officers in connection with the cultivation of a controlled drug. 

Inspector Mel Christie said: “We want to remind local communities that whether or not we seize cannabis or harder drugs like cocaine or heroin, we’re not only taking illegal drugs off the streets but we’re also cracking down on others crimes that surround drug use and supply.

“That can be anything from theft, robbery, burglary to much more serious crimes that can go hand-in-hand with drugs activity.

“We are looking at the bigger picture. By cutting off the supply of drugs, we also cut off the crime surrounding them.”

If you have any information or concerns about drugs in your area let us know.


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