Thunder lightning and torrential rain batters Butlins in Skegness earlier tonight.

Video shows the inside of the tent were some of the ceiling collapsed with the weight of the downfall.


Before the thunderstorm hit Gimsby and Cleethorpes tonight Skegness had the first storm.

At around 6.45 Butlins in Skegness was really afftected with ceilings collapsing and the inside of the large tent flooded. 

Thunder lightning and large hailstones battered the holiday haven.

Just watch the video to see the storm and damage.

Later tonight the storm hit the North East Lincolnshire area.


Part of Ceiling inside Butlins tented area collapsed with weight of rain : Picture : © Cleethorpes News 24
Butlins takes a battering from the storm earlier this evening : Video © Cleethorpes News 24

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