Three arrested in #OperationYellowfin crackdown on nuisance motorbikes

September 13th 2019


Steps are being taken to make it harder for nuisance bikers to access Bradley Pitches in Grimsby as part of #OperationYellowfin.

The move follows the arrest of three teenagers in connection with motorbike or moped related antisocial behaviour in the area this week alone.

Our teams met with the manager of the Bradley Pitches site to identify ways of preventing bikers from getting access to the area, where we have received a number of reports of antisocial behaviour.

PC Andrew Potter said: “We had a very productive meeting with the Bradley Pitches team.

“We know that people living in the area are concerned about nuisance bikers accessing the pitches and behaving antisocially.

“We’re concerned too and we’re doing a lot of work to stop this happening, alongside the pitch managers and other local agencies.

“During our meeting with the site manager this week we identified areas which may be being used to access the pitches and discussed ways that this can be prevented.

“We’re now in the process of bringing together North East Lincolnshire Council, Lincs Inspire, local ward councillors, Humberside Fire and Rescue and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to see how these measures can be put into place.”

And as well as looking at what we can do to tackle the problem long term, the team has also been taking direct action against reckless riders across the area.

PC Potter added: “On Tuesday evening we got a call to say a teenager was riding a motorbike up and down Sherwood Road and Carnforth Crescent without a helmet on.

“Thanks to information from the public we were quickly able to track down the bike to an address in Scartho and seize it from the 15-year-old owner who will be appearing in court as he did not have insurance or a licence.

“And yesterday we had a call to say two youths were riding a silver moped on the footpath outside the shops on Wybers Wood.

“Our teams spotted the bike a short time later on Yarborough Road and detained the riders on Cross Coates Road.

“The bike was seized and the 18-year-old rider will be appearing in court on charges of driving without insurance, no MoT and whilst the vehicle was SORN.

 “A 17-year-old boy was also arrested on suspicion of assault, theft, two counts of theft from shops and possession of a Class B or C drug.

“And we don’t intend to stop there. We have patrols looking out for bikes we suspect have been stolen and for people who are riding dangerously or illegally. 

“We’re taking action wherever we can, seizing stolen bikes, identifying those involved, making arrests and working with local petrol stations to prevent those who ride bikes antisocially from being able to buy fuel. 

“Your support and information is vital and we have officers out there speaking to people about their concerns and putting together the information we need to take further action. 

“What I would also say is that it’s important that parents and carers know where their children are. 

“When bikes are being ridden recklessly – often without a licence, insurance or any protective gear – the riders not only risk injuring themselves but innocent bystanders too.

“We want to stop this before someone else is seriously injured or killed and the best way of doing this is stopping them having access to bikes. 

“And by letting us know where these bikes are being stored, we can go and get them. If they don’t have the bikes, they can’t cause the problem.”

If you have any information about this video or any motorcycle related crime you can get in touch by speaking to your local officer, calling our non-emergency 101 line. 

Alternatively you can call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111. 

If you or someone else is in immediate danger, always call 999. For all the latest news and crime prevention advice, sign up to receive My Community Alerts.

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