The Euro Fighter Typhoon Is Coming Back To Cleethorpes For Armed Forces Weekend


The Typhoon Is Coming Back To Cleethorpes ✈

Eurofighter Typhoon

Armed Forces Day is the weekend of 28-30 June 2019 in Cleethorpes.

And to celebrate that landmark….

The Royal Air Force have confirmed that the RAF Typhoon will display on the Sunday of the Armed Forces Weekend in Cleethorpes.

Back again from a very successful 2018 will be Flt Lt Jim Peterson the 2019 RAF Typhoon display pilot. Jim is hard at work at the moment, polishing the new display in the skies overhead RAF Coningsby getting ready for Public Display Authority (PDA) before start of the 2019 season.

Who’s looking forward to seeing the Typhoon again?!

We can’t wait for the noise from the Typhoon 😁.

Make sure you share around your friends and family its going to be a great weekend.


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