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Sad state of flooded Cleethorpes cemetery

Not a nice sight to see Cleethorpes cemetery graves under water

Graves submerged under water in Cleethorpes Cemetery Pictures Cleethorpes News 24 Marc Spall

Pictures have been sent to Cleethorpes News 24 of the sad state of parts of the cemetery being flooded.

More submerged graves at the cemetery pictures Cleethorpes News 24 Marc Spall

Graves are submerged under water and we’ve been told it been like this for a while.

Nelc and Anglian water have dealt with a similar problem in the past, But nothing has been done up to now this time.

Cleethorpes cemetery Pictures Cleethorpes News 24 Marc Spall

Families have looked after loved ones graves for years and to see the states they are in is very sad.

Flooded Cleethorpes cemetery Pictures Cleethorpes News 24 Marc Spall

Surely something can be done to sort this problem out.

Nelc half measures again

Meridian point broken seating benches getting overwhelmed by uncut grass.

Cleethorpes 16th July 2019

As you walk along the path way behind the Meridian showground you can’t help but see the mess of half finished grass cutting and benches being overlooked by grass cutters.

We took a walk down the Meridian path after some dinner and couldn’t believe how the grass cutting had supposedly been done.

It looks like one side has been cut by a small amount and the other side here and there.

The main thing we noticed was, When it came to the benches they seem to have been totally missed.

Some of the benches are actually broken and cannot be used to sit on.

We could hear people commenting as we walked along the path “saying ” How they don’t know how it’s left like it is.

This popular route is used all year round by dog walkers ,Cyclists and people enjoying the long walks.

We like to stop along the way and take in the views and sounds of wildlife and usually have a rest on the benches.

Unusable bench on Meridian point : Picture © Cleethorpes News 24

But at this present time, Its nearly impossible with the way some of the benches are not in a good way.

It seems to be happening in a lot of other areas around town, Some places seem to be looked after well where as some just get a token bit done to it.

If you have any pictures or videos of any other overlooked places feel free to send them to the news page.

Hopefully NELC will get to see them.

How many council workers does it take to move a sweeper 🤣🤣😁(video)

You’ve heard the joke about how many irishmen it takes to change a light bulb 😁 Well ……

Can we push it 🤣 : (C) Cleethorpes News 24
Can we move it Er ,Nope ! 🤣 : (C) Cleethorpes News 24

A Nelc mini roadsweeper was involved in a little accident earlier today in Castle street/Stanley street Grimsby.

Earlier today a council owned mini road sweeper left the road and ended up hitting the side of a house on Castle st Grimsby.

There wasnt any injuries Which is good. Only embarrassing for the people involved.

We’ve all heard the jokes about how many people it takes to change a light bulb.

Well look how many it takes to try move a sweeper 🤣🤣😁😁

Mini road sweeper crashes on Stanley st Grimsby earlier today

Mini sweeper mounted kerb and ends up crashing into side of property

Mini Sweeper stuck : Cleethorpes News 24

The Council mini sweeper has ended up stopping on the pavement and hit the property .

Council workers at the scene : (C) Cleethorpes News 24

The picture was sent to our website in the last half hour.

There’s no injuries that we know of, Maybe just a bit of embarrassment.