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Nelc half measures again

Meridian point broken seating benches getting overwhelmed by uncut grass.

Cleethorpes 16th July 2019

As you walk along the path way behind the Meridian showground you can’t help but see the mess of half finished grass cutting and benches being overlooked by grass cutters.

We took a walk down the Meridian path after some dinner and couldn’t believe how the grass cutting had supposedly been done.

It looks like one side has been cut by a small amount and the other side here and there.

The main thing we noticed was, When it came to the benches they seem to have been totally missed.

Some of the benches are actually broken and cannot be used to sit on.

We could hear people commenting as we walked along the path “saying ” How they don’t know how it’s left like it is.

This popular route is used all year round by dog walkers ,Cyclists and people enjoying the long walks.

We like to stop along the way and take in the views and sounds of wildlife and usually have a rest on the benches.

Unusable bench on Meridian point : Picture © Cleethorpes News 24

But at this present time, Its nearly impossible with the way some of the benches are not in a good way.

It seems to be happening in a lot of other areas around town, Some places seem to be looked after well where as some just get a token bit done to it.

If you have any pictures or videos of any other overlooked places feel free to send them to the news page.

Hopefully NELC will get to see them.

How to earn extra points at Its a knock out ? Just ask Jason Lowe 🕺🕺🎶🎶

Jason and his team from Anglian water wanted to earn extra points at the Its A Knockout event at Meridian showground today! THIS WHAT FOLLOWED 🎶🕺🤣

Jason used to watch his mum and dad rock and roll dance through his childhood but Jason liked the look of breakdancing.

So back in the 1980’s, He started doing busking in Lincoln , Grimsby , Skegness with a few other members of a crew always attracting a huge crowd! He also did some down in London too.

His nickname/ crew name was “Jazzy”.
Unfortunately back in the day dance schools shunned break dancing and wasn’t really recognised so you couldn’t become “professional” and was almost always self taught and self choreographed.

Over the years the crew parted and have lost contact.

HOWEVER in his 50’s now it still comes out at weddings, discos , or when ever there’s music.

So today his team mates with Anglian water “the water warriors” made him go out and do the dance off for them to copy and earn some extra points. So Jason being jason took it to another level and the magic happened !!!

What a Guy ! 🤣🤣

Royal Logistics Corps bomb disposal team were called out last night with Cleethorpes Coast Guard

Bomb team and Coast Guard met up at Cleethorpes Coast Guard station around 10-15pm

Royal Logistics bomb squad at Cleethorpes near the Meridian point. : Picture: © Cleethorpes News 24

Cleethorpes Coast Guard and the Royal Logistics bomb disposal were out around 10-15pm last night.

The disposal team met the Coast Guard at the Coast Guard station on Cleethorpes promenade before setting of down the Kingsway on to Kings road.

Bomb disposal vehicle behind Pleasure island : Picture : © Cleethorpes News 24

The team’s were called out after a 3 inch mortar shell was found on the sands behind the former Pleasure Island theme park.

Controlled explosion of the mortar shell by the Royal Logistics Corps bomb disposal team : Video © Cleethorpes Coast Guard

The team’s located the shell and cordoned off an area around the shell until early this morning when it was light enough to deal with it.

Around 5.30am this morning the shell was X-Rayed and found to be live.

After the checks were completed, there was a controlled explosion of the shell around 6-25am this morning to make the area safe.

Once the mortar shell was dealt with the teams left the sands and area was safe to the public.