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Cleethorpes man arrested after child safety sting

He was caught by a group called Stop and Kent Guardians UK.



Connor Pemberton – 23yr old – Cleethorpes

Connor Pemberton from Cleethorpes (picture Kent Guardians UK)

On Monday 27th May 2019 at 20:14, the team confronted the suspect at his place of residence regarding his online activity with children.

A family member, initially, claimed the suspect wasn’t home

But upon further questioning from the team, They dmitted he was home and made him aware he needed to come outside.

The suspect came outside and was immediately detained under section 24a of the police and criminal evidence act of 1984 at 20:20.

Connor Pemberton (Facebook picture)

He was told no harm would come to him and that the police had been called and were on their way.

The team came with documented evidence, to show that the suspect had been engaging in sexual communication with what he believed was a 14 year old female child (decoy).

This sick depraved creature thought nothing of sending this child videos of him masturbating. Even when he knew her age, that didn’t stop him, it appeared to excite him more and go on to groom her in the most depraved way.

Connor Pemberton (Facebook picture)

Whilst sending the child images of his penis, he stated he wanted some ‘deep throat’ action.

Treating this child like some sex object, with no care or concern for her wellbeing. He was just interested in his own sexual gratification.

Connor Pemberton (Facebook picture)

During the teams live feed the suspect made an admission of speaking sexually with a 13 year old female child, claiming it was by accident and said he had already informed police of this conversation.

The police quickly arrived on scene at 20:26 and the suspect was arrested and taken into custody for questioning.

Pemberton was caught by STOP on 27/05/2019

Article written by Kent Guardians UK.

‘Toy sword’ man charged

North East Lincolnshire

22 May 2019

An arrested man who was reported to be carrying a sword which turned out to be a plastic toy in Grimsby on Monday 20 May has been charged with two unrelated offences. 

Stock image

Aaron Beacock, 25, of Cross Coates Road in Grimsby has been charged with a section 4 public order offence of causing fear or provocation of violence following an incident involving a PCSO back in February.

He’s also been charged with a section 5 public order offence of creating harassment, alarm or distress in relation to an incident in a supermarket in April. 

Aaron Beacock has been bailed with conditions to appear at Grimsby Magistrates Court in August.

Man arrested after man injured in ‘hit and run’ on the Nunsthorpe estate


20 May 2019

A 45-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of section 18 wounding with intent to cause GBH following an incident in Grimsby yesterday.

Scene of hit and run

A car collided with a man on a bicycle at the junction of Sutcliffe Avenue and Burwell Drive around 2pm.

Damaged cycle at the scene

The victim was left with a badly broken leg and needed hospital treatment. 

The car failed to stop. A man was later arrested and is currently in custody.

If you have any further information, log 336 of 19/05/19 refers. 

Serious crash earlier this morning on Wellington st.

Police were following the Citroen before the crash.

One of the cars involved in the accident

It was believed firefighters had been working to release a woman who had become trapped in one the vehicles.

Multiple ambulance services were on scene after receiving a call around 10am to help with the fire service and the police.

Police investigation team at the scene

Some witnesses at the scene have stated, They saw the Citroen being followed around the East Marsh before the crash happened.

A lot of people were gathered around the scene as emergency services worked to release a person from the red car.

Investigation continues in to the crash earlier today

It is believed a woman was removed from the red car and paramedics treated her on the roadside before she was put in to a ambulance which was waiting at the scene.

Police traffic officer marking out the scene

Witnesses have said they believe one man was arrested at the scene of the crash.

Police statement

A Humberside Police spokesman said: “A man has been arrested following a road traffic collision on Wellington Street in Grimsby this morning.

“A silver Citroen collided with a red Chrysler around 9.50am. A woman who was in the Chrysler has been taken to hospital after being cut out of her car. It’s believed she doesn’t have serious injuries.

“The arrested man who had been driving the Citroen suffered minor injuries was taken to hospital for checks.”

A Humberside Police spokesman said: “A police car had been following the Citroen at low speed before the collision occurred, after officers observed the driver acting in a suspicious manner.

“Surrounding roads have been closed off while emergency crews are in attendance and recovery takes place. Log 146 of 10/4/19 refers.”

More details to follow when known.

Man in agitated state arrested after being seen with large knife.

Man in Cleethorpes arrested with knife.

Humberside police arrested a man last night after a member of the public spotted a man in George street Cleethorpes with a large knife.

The witness stated the man was in a agitated state shouting down a mobile phone as he was walking down the street. The witness phoned 999 straight away got in to their car and followed the man from a distance while relaying the details to the police .

The man went from George st and left on to St Peters ave, Then made his way in to Cambridge street the witness followed from a distance as the man crossed over to near Yarra Rd.

The witness said the police told them to hold back as the police were on their way to deal with the incident.

Police arrived on scene to deal with the incident and it was believed the man was taken in to custody for further investigation.

More details to follow if released. Log no, 539 of 3-4-19 refers.

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