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Activities to keep teens busy at Sussex Rec this summer


25 Jul 2019

Every Thursday evening throughout the summer holidays there will be a range of exciting free activities for young people to get involved in at Sussex Recreational Ground in Cleethorpes.

From learning the art of free-running to having a laugh with friends in a game of bubble football, we’ve got some great activities planned this year to help keep young people busy and out of trouble.

The initiative launches today, Thursday 25 July, with activities taking place between 4pm and 7pm. It will then run every week for six weeks (until Thurs 29 August). 

We spoke to the man that organises it all PCSO Simon Roberts (pictured below) to find out more about the events and why he does it.

Q: Hi Simon, firstly what can people expect at the event?

A: There are loads of great things going on this year. We have several football related activities including footdarts, zorb football and 5-a-side tournaments.

If football’s not your thing don’t worry though. We will also be seeing the return of Team Reality Parkour, which was really popular last year, so young people can come along and learn how to free run.

There will be various other activities there each week so I really would encourage people to come along and see what is going on, it’s going to be really fun.Q: That sounds great. How did this all begin then?  

A: It all started because we were getting quite a lot of calls relating to teenagers behaving antisocially in this area so I looked for a way to encourage young people to get involved with something a bit more positive.

Initially I simply wanted to improve the grassed 5-a-side area so that teens would be more likely to use it and could have a kick about when they weren’t at school. This morphed into running these events which we did for the first time last year. 

It was so successful last year that funding has again been granted from the Police and Crime Commissioner and the Ward Councillors for Sidney Sussex meaning we are able to do it all again this year.

We really lucky to be working with some brilliant companies again this year to bring fun and exciting activities to the rec.

It does take a lot of organising but it is totally worth it when I see how many people come down and how much fun the kids have getting involved.   

Q: So how do young people get involved with the activities?

A: If you want to get involved all you need to do is simply turn up on the day and join in.

All the activities are supervised so there is no need to worry about not knowing what to do as there will always be someone there to help you.

You can bring a friend or come on your own and meet new friends – whatever works for you.

Q: What would you say to parents that are considering sending their kids to the event?

A: As a parent myself, I know that occupying a teenager over the summer holidays can feel like a full time job in itself and can often leave your wallet a little lighter too.

This is a free, fun, safe event to keep your son or daughter busy and active on a Thursday evening and it won’t cost you a penny.

Q: And what would you say to teens that might be thinking of coming?

A: If you want something fun to do this summer holiday, then grab as many mates as possible and come down to Sussex Rec on Thursday evenings between 4pm and 7pm and get involved. 

You never know, you might even win a prize. 

Cleethorpes officer’s plea to ‘Share the road’ and with consideration for all road users

North East Lincolnshire

23 Jun 2019

Police Constable David Cave of Cleethorpes community policing team is appealing for drivers and cyclists to share the road with consideration to everyone following an incident between a driver and a cyclist yesterday on Grimsby Road, Humberston.

He said, “Yesterday a group of over 100 young cyclists were taking part in a national knife crime event called ‘Knives Down Bikes Up’ which aims to prevent lives being lost as a result of knife crime. Knife crime has blighted many areas across the country and whatever is done to raise awareness of the dangers of young people carrying knives should be applauded.  However, yesterday’s event did not go as the young organisers planned and caused a number of issues.  People reported cyclists riding dangerously and with no consideration for other road users.  This could easily have caused an injury or collision between the traffic on the road at the time and the cyclist.

“I was not aware of the ride being organised and would always encourage people to contact the police about a planned event so that the necessary safety checks and event planning can be put in place to ensure a safe passage for everyone involved.

“Yesterday’s event was disrupted during the ride when a motorist was seen to stop, get out of his car and push one young cyclist from his bike. The young boy was not seriously harmed but this is clearly not an acceptable response by the motorist, no matter how frustrated he was by the event.

This is one of a number of recent incidents in the Cleethorpes area where road users are not sharing the road in a safe and considerate way.

“We have an ongoing issue with young people riding mopeds in an unacceptable anti-social way.  Often not only endangering themselves, by not wearing helmets, but other road users and pedestrians. 

Not to mention the sound of revving engines tearing up and down quiet residential streets.

“I don’t want to be the officer who has to knock on the door of a cyclist’s parents to tell them that their child has been seriously injured, or worse, as a result of riding a moped in this way.

“I have arranged to visit the local schools to talk to the pupils about road safety and would encourage parents to talk to their children too.

  Preventing an accident is by far better than having to deal with the aftermath of one and the more people that reinforce this message to young people the better it is for everyone.”

Humberside Police made this boys day 👏👏

Well done Cleethorpes Community Policing Team

Happy Little Leo

Latest from Cleethorpes News 24

Grimsbypolice. How could we not make it happen?. 5 year old Leo delivers his Pizza to Community Patrol Team at briefing.

He has had a tour around Grimsby Police Station, which included a look around a Dog Unit, a visit to the the Custody Suite including cells, a look around Police Vehicles and a play with the Sirens !!!

I think we made one happy 5yr old !!

Little Leo gives the thumbs up.

#youaskedwedid #communityengegament #makeithappen #leo

What a Brilliant gesture by Humberside police for making this youngsters day, A tour around the police station after delivering their pizza 👏👏👏👏😁😀🖐

Just looking at the boys face you can see how happy he was.

Well done Cleethorpes Community Policing Team Humberside police.


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