Something you don’t see everyday while playing on Cleethorpes beach

Big surprise for this family from Rotherham while on the beach

A surprised family visiting Cleethorpes from Rotherham for the day, got a really great surprise while playing on the beach yesterday.

Del Sayles, his parents and two grandkids were visiting Cleethorpes for the day and were enjoying their time on the beach when at around 1pm , When they thought they could hear the sound of a helicopter coming over.

Del, first thought it could be the coastguard coming over practising, But were soon amazed to see a different helicopter.

Del managed to capture it as it came over (see video)

A surprisingly low visitor flys over Cleethorpes beach video ©️Del Sayles/Cleethorpes News 24

Out of nowhere a military Chinook came flying past at a very low level with its rear cargo doors open.

Del says it was fantastic to see and it was actually low enough to see the military personnel stood in the cargo bay.

Del says lots of kids and adults alike were all surprised and excited to see this happen as it wasn’t expected to see such a magnificent machine in operation so close “It was amazing “.

Del, says he asked some locals if it was regular occurrence along the seafront beach and they said “No, That’s the first time they’d see it happen:”

Del did think the Chinook and crew, Could of been practicing for the up and coming armed forces weekend later in the summer.

Del added, The great thing was, The boys were quite happy playing on the beach and enjoying the rides when this fantastic experience happened.

All in all, we all had a great time at Cleethorpes topped off by seeing the Chinook flying past us.

What a great experience for the Sayles family from Rotherham on their day out to Cleethorpes.

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