Shocking incident last night in Scartho as woman takes knife from youth.

Shocking incident last night in Scartho

There was an incident last night off Scartho rd Grimsby down the pathway next to were scartho baths use to be.

At around 8.35 Sonia Mullins see three youths fighting. At first she didn’t know what to do about it.

Sonia who is a cousin of Ben Tilling, Who was murdered with a knife in 2007 on Lord Street Grimsby, was out walking her dog and decided to shout and tell them to stop ! At that point one of the youths shouted “Hey Mrs He’s got a knife.

The knife which was taken from the youth

The woman Sonia Mullins , Who as four kids herself, Was in shock and intervened and managed to get the knife from one of the youths who are around the age of 14-15yrs old.

I spoke to to the woman earlier and this is what she said..

I don’t really know what to say about this, as I am still in shock! I was only out walking my dog ,when I came across 3 youths fighting, I wasn’t going to intervene, until one of the youths shouted… “Hey mrs… he’s got a knife!!! My first thoughts was to stop and get the knife off the person Which I did, I sent two of the boys one way and the other boy another way, I am now sat in total shock as this could of ended really badly, please be aware carrying a knife could kill.

It was at this point Sonia told me something sad.

Sonia said she lost her cousin Ben Tilling Who was murdered on Lord Street with a knife in November 2007 and wouldn’t like to see anything happen like that again.

“I think Ben would be proud of what we are trying to achieve and what I did last night stopping someone else getting hurt”

Knife taken from youth

Sonia, Did say the youth who had the knife was polite when she took the knife from him, But stated one of the youths was threatening, But I refused to leave and the the other friend of the youth with the knife told him to give me the knife.

It has been reported to Humberside Police.

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