Schizophrenic Husband Attacked Wife In Cleethorpes Home

A husband violently assaulted his wife in the marital home after he had stopped taking his medication.

Emergency services at the scene
Crime scene Investigators at the scene

Andrew Dixon 35, Of Ward street Cleethorpes attacked his wife after refusing to take the medication that would control his mental illness issues.

Ward st Cleethorpes sealed off by Police

Dixons wife, Had been trying to help her husband asking him to start taking his medication but he was getting angry and telling her to be quiet.

It is believed at this time that Dixon attacked his wife with a iron bar causing very serious head injuries leaving her in a life threatening condition Dixon phoned the police around 5-15pm to tell them he had hurt is wife and that they best get there as soon as possible.

His wife said, She was going to phone the mental health team to help her husband with his medication

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More in the link, pictures and video Cleethorpes News 24


Emergency services at the scene of the attack
Crime scene investigators arrive at the house

Dixon was due to stand trial at Sheffield Crown Court but he has been ruled unfit to enter a plea and to give instructions to his defence team because of his mental disorder.

The jury is being asked instead to decide whether he caused the injuries to his wife but NOT whether he attempted to kill her.

More details to follow as the case continues.

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