RTC last night on Laceby Road

Collision happened around around 9.50pm

Laceby Road, Grimsby.

Sat 31 Aug 2019 21:50

Pictures Cleethorpes News 24.

There was a Road Traffic Collision involving one moving vehicle and one stationary vehicle on Laceby  road  Grimsby  last night.


 It was reported  that One adult female driver was released from a vehicle by Humberside Fire Service using manipulation. The female was suffering with minor injuries and was treated by paramedics on scene.


After being treated at the scene she was put in to an ambulance to be treated.

Humberside police were on scene dealing with the incident and after receiving treatment in the ambulance,  A police officer was seen going in to the ambulance with a breathalyser kit  and shortly after the female driver escorted to a police vehicle. 

A member of the public who lives nearby told us,

That the Crash on Laceby Road was around 9.50pm 31.08.19.

A lady driver crashed her vauxhall corsa into a parked car a Peugeot 206, two fire appliances, two ambulances, 4 police cars were at the scene.

As soon as it happened I heard a loud bang and went outside to see the Vauxhall on its side.

I asked if there was any one else involved, which there wasn’t. Me and 5 others tried to get the lady out whilst someone was on the phone to the police and the paramedics.

I then saw cars coming from both ways, so I decided to take charge in that and help guide the traffic safely. then the ambulance turned up and police and then the fire brigade.

Humberside fire service report.

Pictures © Cleethorpes News 24

More details will be given when known.

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