Royal Logistics Corps bomb disposal team were called out last night with Cleethorpes Coast Guard

Bomb team and Coast Guard met up at Cleethorpes Coast Guard station around 10-15pm

Royal Logistics bomb squad at Cleethorpes near the Meridian point. : Picture: © Cleethorpes News 24

Cleethorpes Coast Guard and the Royal Logistics bomb disposal were out around 10-15pm last night.

The disposal team met the Coast Guard at the Coast Guard station on Cleethorpes promenade before setting of down the Kingsway on to Kings road.

Bomb disposal vehicle behind Pleasure island : Picture : © Cleethorpes News 24

The team’s were called out after a 3 inch mortar shell was found on the sands behind the former Pleasure Island theme park.

Controlled explosion of the mortar shell by the Royal Logistics Corps bomb disposal team : Video © Cleethorpes Coast Guard

The team’s located the shell and cordoned off an area around the shell until early this morning when it was light enough to deal with it.

Around 5.30am this morning the shell was X-Rayed and found to be live.

After the checks were completed, there was a controlled explosion of the shell around 6-25am this morning to make the area safe.

Once the mortar shell was dealt with the teams left the sands and area was safe to the public.

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