Police stop and search car on Rutland street one Male arrested.

Incident happened around 8.55pm tonight

A black car was stopped earlier tonight on Rutland street Grimsby.

Police search occupants of stopped vehicle

Two police cars a van and a dog section were at the incident.

Its believed the police were called to a different incident in the area, But came across the car as they was dealing with the incident they was attending.

All the occupants were told to get out of the vehicle while officers searched the car.

There was male and females who were in the car and all cooperated with the police while they was searching them and the vehicle.

The vehicle was searched by a couple of officers who had evidence bags as they were searching.

One of the occupants of the car is searched by officers

At this time it’s not know what was found in the car after the search but police did take evidence bags away with them.

After the search one male was led away in handcuffs and taken to a waiting police van who then left the scene.

No other details are available at this time about the stop and search but will update when any information is released by police.

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