Police sealed part of Rutland Street last night after a man was causing a disturbance.

Police sealed off part of the street around 10pm last night after a man was seen throwing objects at them and their vehicles.

Man at the window shouting at police on the street : Picture ©️Cleethorpes News 24.


Police with riot shields and batons  were at the scene after a man started a disturbance on Rutland Street.

Residents from some nearby houses had to evacuate their properties while the emergency services dealt with the disturbance.


Various objects were being thrown out the front upstairs window towards police outside. A police car had its rear window smashed from the man who at times was hanging out the window.

He could be heard shouting at bystanders and neighbours who had been told to leave their houses. The man then threw a television out of the window which crashed just feet away from police officers.

The man being led away in to custody after being arrested by riot police : Video : © Cleethorpes News 24
Police outside of the house were objects were being thrown out. : Picture © Cleethorpes News 24

Neighbours said the riot police went to the rear of the house and after a lot of shouting and sounds of broken glass a man was led out the front of the property around 11.45 pm by the riot police and led to a police van that was waiting at the front of the house.

He was placed in to the van, Were he still carried on shouting and kicking at the van. He was then driven from the scene to be taken to the custody suite on birch in way.

More details to follow.

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