Police and CSI been investigating incident at a flat off Albion street last night

CSI arrived after an incident earlier in the day.

CSI arrive at property

Police and CSI could be seen entering a flat last night following on from an incident earlier in the day at the property. The CSI arrived around 9-15pm.

They entered the property gathering any evidence and photographing inside and outside.

CSI and Police arrive at Albion street

At this time, There isn’t much information available, But a couple of nearby residents said there was concern for one of the occupants of a flat in the block.

Earlier in the day police and East Midland Ambulance and paramedics were at the flats off Bodium way to deal with the incident.

It’s believed the Ambulance didn’t stay that long and some police also left the scene.

Block were incident believed to have occurred
Police and CSI at the scene.

More details will follow if and when released by the police.

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