Police and CSI attend incident on Laceby Rd Grimsby

Police car on the driveway at a property on Laceby rd CSI have been seen entering the property.

CSI entering the property on Laceby Road. : Picture : © Cleethorpes News 24

Police and a CSI investigator have been at property on Laceby rd Grimsby this afternoon dealing with an incident.

CSI vehicle at the scene: Picture : © Cleethorpes News 24

At this time we don’t know what the incident is, but officers have been there most of the afternoon and this evening.

A police vehicle can be seen on the driveway of the property with an officer in the vehicle.

Picture: © Cleethorpes News 24

A CSI investigator has been seen entering the property and leaving to get materials from the CSI vehicle.

We will update on the incident when more details are released.

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