Large Amount Of Knives Handed Over In The First Few Days.

Large amount of knives handed in already.

Dozens of knives have been handed in to our knife bins during the first few days of #OpSceptre.

Operation Sceptre is a national knife crime campaign which aims to reduce the number of people, especially young people, carrying a weapon.

Leading #OpSceptre is Superintendent Joanne Roe, she said “I am really pleased with the number of knives that have been handed in so far. 

“In some cases these knives are held as souvenirs and owners want to have them destroyed so they don’t get into the wrong hands.

  I want anyone who has this type of weapon to bring them to their nearest station and let us destroy them.

“Some of the bins are getting quite full now and our ongoing work across the force in seizing knives during drugs warrants and arrests is bringing in some very dangerous looking weapons.

“The bins are at Bridlington, Goole, Beverley, Osborne Street and Clough Road, Grimsby and Scunthorpe – anyone with knives that they no longer want should hand them in so they can be safely destroyed.”

“We have seized a number of weapons during drugs warrants, including a Samurai sword in a drugs raid on Monday in Hull.

Knives and weapons, including other items made or adapted for the sole purpose of causing injury to someone, can be handed in throughout this week.

The bins will remain at the police stations until Sunday 17 March – take this opportunity to get knives off our streets.

The pictures show the contents of the bins at Grimsby and Scunthorpe Police stations today – other pictures show a Samurai sword seized during a drugs raid on Monday and a knife seized from a man arrested following a burglary in Hull

Theresa May Visits Grimsby.

The Prime minister Theresa May has visited Grimsby today.

Prime Minister Theresa May at the Orsted East Coast Hub.

She has come to visit the new Orsted East Coast Hub which is involved in the wind farm industry and having one of its bases here in Grimsby.

The prime minister was also delivering a speech on Brexit to the gathering of employees and the national and local media.

You can see the prime ministers speech from the Grimsby Live link below.

Male Stabbed In Frederick St Grimsby.

It is belived a man has been attacked and stabbed on Frederick St Grimsby this morning around 9.30am

A local resident said the male was chased by two other males down the street.

One of the males was believed to have had a very large knife.

Crime scene officers are on scene and a white van has been cordoned off along with other areas from Chapman court around 6 households have been cordoned off while investigations continue.

Updates to follow.

County Lines Drug Gang Jailed.

Three men from the Liverpool area who were running a £7,000-a-day county lines drug dealing operation in Grimsby have been jailed for a total of 21 years and 2 months today.

Twenty eight-year-old Joshua Hendry of Locinvar Street and Wade Chambers, 23, of Porton Road in Liverpool were both convicted of conspiracy to supply cocaine and heroin following a trial at Grimsby Crown Court.

Jake Pilling, 27, of New Street in St Helens admitted his role in the conspiracy to supply the Class A drugs.

All three men were arrested as a result of a warrant our teams carried out at an address in Willingham Street in Grimsby on Friday 18 May last year.

Hendry – who was said to be the ringleader of the gang – failed to avoid being caught by fleeing to a nearby rooftop. He stayed on the roof of the property for 90 minutes before being arrested by our officers.

He and his gang had moved into the area from Merseyside by ‘cuckooing’ the home of a Grimsby man who had turned to drugs following a bereavement.

Cuckooing refers to the exploitation of vulnerable people by gangs in order to take over their home and use it as a base from which to sell drugs.

Although Hendry denied his role in the operation and failed to come to court for his trial, the jury found him guilty in his absence and he has been jailed for 10 years.

Chambers, who was said to be the gang’s second in command, was sentenced to 6 years and 10 months, while Pilling who acted as a runner for the group was jailed for 4 years and 4 months.

Detective Constable Abbie Park who led the operation said: “It became clear that this gang had exploited the existing tenant by plying him with free drugs and taking over his house in order to use it as a base for their drug dealing operation.

“Dozens of known drug users were regularly seen going into the house and leaving a short time later.

“When we raided the property we arrested Pilling and Chambers inside the house and found more than £1,000 in cash.

“No drugs were found in the house but we did recover a number of mobile phones with evidence of drug deals being advertised and prices being set by the gang.

“One text referring to the price of a bag of heroin (called b) read: ‘straight 10s on the b coz there big bags but can do 6 for 50’.

“Another, in which the gang advertised the prices for multi-buy deals of both cocaine (called w) and heroin (b) to potential customers, read: ‘Best about w 2 4 15. B 3 4 15’.

DC Park added: “We believe that by stopping this gang’s activities we have prevented significant amounts of heroin and crack cocaine from being sold on the streets of Grimsby and the associated crime and antisocial behaviour that goes with this kind of offending.

“We know the impact this has on communities and that’s why we will do everything we can to find those who are responsible and bring them to justice.

“Hopefully the sentences handed down to these three men today will serve as a warning to others looking to come to our towns to deal drugs that they’re not welcome here and we won’t tolerate it.

“I would also like to thank all the people who contact us with information about drug dealing and drug related crime in their areas.

“It’s with your help that we can put together successful operations like this one and make it clear that if you’re looking to sell drugs, North East Lincolnshire is not an easy target.”

If you have any concerns about what’s happening in your area, speak to your local officer, call into your nearest station or call our non-emergency 101 line.

If you’d rather not give your name, you can also call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111. If someone is in immediate danger, always call 999.

Time to hand in knives.

Humberside Police along with other forces are again next week supporting Operation Sceptre – a national knife crime campaign which aims to reduce the number of people, especially young people, carrying a weapon.

Knife bins are located in local police stations from the 11th -17th March.

Superintendent Joanne Roe is once again leading Op Sceptre in Humberside Police: “No one needs to be reminded of the dangers of knife crime after the most recent deaths of teenagers in London and Manchester. We want to do everything we can to remove knifes from the streets of the Humberside Police Force area.

“We are pleased to give our support to this national initiative once again and it give everyone an opportunity to get rid of knives and weapons that could potential cause injury or worse to someone in our area.

“Bins will be at Clough Road and Osborne Street, Hull, Hessle, Bridlington, Goole and Beverley in the East Riding and at Grimsby and Scunthorpe police stations. Anyone can hand over knives safely and anonymously and in turn remove these weapons from our streets.

“In addition to supporting the weapons surrender, our officers will be conducting weapons sweeps, attending local schools as part of the #NoMoreKnives campaign and doing proactive patrols across our area.

“Our message to those who carry a knife or thinking of carrying a knife is that it doesn’t protect you and in fact it makes you more vulnerable and places you in danger of serious harm.

“We want to reassure the public that we do not have an escalating knife problem in our area however it is important that we raise awareness of the dangers of carrying knifes and to prevent anyone else suffering from knife crime.

“We have only last week said goodbye to the Knife Angel in Hull, each knife on the sculpture was handed in in previous surrenders. The message the angel carries reminds us of the dangers of carrying knives – dozens of names of knife crime victims are engraved on the sculpture, a stark reminder to us all of why we want to rid our streets of knives.”

Knives and weapons, including other items made or adapted for the sole purpose of causing injury to someone, can be handed in safely, bins are located at police stations from 11–17 March 2019.

Police Raid Duke Street Property.

Humberside Police raided a property this morning on Duke Street Grimsby.

Two police vans and a dog section vehicle were seen outside the property as officers were inside searching for what is believed to be possible drugs inside. Police were seen doing door to door enquiries and leaving information leaflets through residents doors.

It’s not known at this time if any drugs were found and its believed no arrests were made at the time.

Birchin Way Custody Suite Officially Opened.

Humberside Police

Birchin Way officially opens


5 Mar 2019

From tomorrow, Wednesday 6 March, detainees from the south bank will be brought into our new custody facility on Birchin Way, Grimsby.

Police and Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter and Chief Constable Lee Freeman visited the suite today to officially open it in a small ceremony for invited guests.

The 36 cell facility is our brand new custody suite that will replace the old custody facilities at Grimsby Police Station and Scunthorpe Police Station.

Superintendent Jo Roe said: “The suite is specially designed to be more accessible for detainees, many of which are vulnerable, with modern cell accommodation and on-site medical facilities.

“The corridors are wider and the cells are larger with high ceilings and natural light coming in, making sure that we can accommodate all needs.

“The facility is also safer and better for our staff and officers, with CCTV throughout and special technology enabling them to contact colleagues quickly should they need assistance.”

Supt Roe added: “The suite contains state-of-the-art technology enabling us to book multiple detainees in at once. This will make it quicker and easier for our officers, reducing waiting times and allowing them to get back out onto the streets.

“Birchin Way will also house some of our specialist teams on the south bank including the Major Crime Team, Property Store and Prisoner Processing Team.

“Having our specialist units based here will help to cut down on their travel time, allowing them to offer the best possible service to our south bank communities.”

Today’s ceremony began with speeches from Chief Constable Lee Freeman and Police and Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter who welcomed invited guests and introduced them to the building.

Guests were then shown around the facility following the route that a detainee would follow from the area where police vehicles will being them in through to the charge desk and the cells.

The stations at Grimsby and Scunthorpe will remain open and operational with officers working from them, however the custody suites will no longer be used.

Humberside Police.

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