Network rail close Suggits lane crossing earlier today

Suggits Lane is now closed off.

Network rail workers turned up earlier today to to close the level crossing from the public.

Protesters were at the crossing to try and stop the closure. There was a big Police presence as workers were trying to organise the crossing closure as protesters shouted at them not to do it.

Earlier in the day member of the public was stopped by a police officer from trying to cross the lines as network workers were arriving to close the crossing.

Police did help the workers by holding back the protesters as the crossing was closed off with barriers.

The protest have stated they will not stop protesting until something is done about the crossing.

Thousands of people have used the crossing for years and the crossing as been a major help to the elderly and disabled who cannot access the fuller st bridge which is further down the line.

The protesters have asked for Martin Vickers the MP for Cleethorpes and the local council to keep asking the government to step in and help get the crossing reopened for the public.

More Updates to follow.

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