Man arrested last night after two hour rooftop standoff on Hainton Avenue

Hainton Ave was sealed off as man threw tiles at Police who had sealed off the area

Police sealed off part of Hainton Avenue as man took to the roof of the Bupa dental practice
Video: ©️ Cleethorpes News 24

Police had to seal part of Hainton Avenue last night around 9-15pm after a man took to the roof of a dental practice on the street.

Seven police vehicles had cordoned off the area as the man started throwing roof tiles at the officers.

There was also a paramedic car waiting at the scene to treat the man for any injuries he may of had when he came down.

At this time it’s not known why he went up on the roof. Police officers were asking him to come down from the roof , But every time they did , he would shout down to them and throw tiles at the officers.

The man throwing tiles down at the police officers : Picture : ©️ Cleethorpes News 24

Members of public even tried to get the man to come down but he just ignored them and carry on throwing tiles.

Police negotiators arrived at the scene and went around to the rear of the building to talk to the man and try get him to come down but he wouldn’t listen at that time.

A police van went down the rear of the property in preparation for the man to be taken away. Police negotiators went down the alley to talk to the man but after a few minutes had to come out because the man started to throw more tiles down at them and near to the police van.

Eventually around 10.50pm the man was talked down.At this point the paramedic car went down the alley to treat the man before he was taken away in the van and in to custody.

The man is taken away in the van after being treated by a paramedic to be interviews by police. Video : ©️ Cleethorpes News 24

More updates will follow when released by police keep looking for details.

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