Man arrested for assault on Grant street Cleethorpes last night

Assault happened around 9.30pm last night.

Police were called to Grant street Cleethorpes last night after a fight broke out on the street.

It’s believed the a group of people were walking down the street arguing when the trouble broke out.

Witnesses said the group were walking down Grant street arguing, When a man is believed to have punched the woman to head and knocked her to the ground.

woman is helped to the car after coming round after being assaulted

It’s believed at this point an elderly man tried to intervene in the trouble at this time as the man tried to carry on assaulting the woman.

The elderly man was then assaulted by the man who had punched the woman to the floor.The elderly man was struggling with the man on the floor when police arrived at the scene.

The men were separated and the man who had assaulted the woman was restrained against the van ,handcuffed and placed in the police van.

Blood could be seen on the road and pavement following the assault but was cleared away after the scenes was checked.

Other police officers were looking after the man woman who were assaulted,While officers dealt with the detained Male.

An ambulance was called but there wasn’t one available. The assaulted male was helped in to a community police vehicle were you could see injuries to his face.

The woman who was assaulted was helped and led struggling to a waiting car to be taken away from the scene.

A police officer stated they were called to a disturbance on Grant st around 9.30pm last night and came across a woman was laid on the floor and two males fighting. We detained one male, who we believe is to have assaulted both a woman and another male.

Arrested male detained in back of the police van

We quickly separated the men and detained one male and the other man was helped by other officers. An officer helped the woman along with we believe a family member to a car to take her away from the scene.

The man who was detained was then taken away in the police van to the Birchin way custody suite to be interviewed.

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