Local emergency services rescue a vulnerable man from Weelsby woods tonight

A lady dog Walker came across the man after hearing shouting and screams in the pitch black of the woods.

Local emergency services have tonight rescued a vulnerable man from Weelsby woods.

Humberside police, Humberside fire service and rescue Coastguard and paramedics were called earlier to try locate the man.

Earlier this evening a lady who walking her dog heard shouts and screams coming out the pitch darkness and came across the vulnerable man.

The lady managed to contact emergency services who headed to the woods to try locate the man.

After a while some of the emergency services emerged with man on a stretcher who was brought to an awaiting ambulance for a bot of treatment, before being rushed away to hospital.

Whoever the lady was walking her dog, She has no doubt saved this mans life, It would of been very doubtful if he would of survived the freezing conditions tonight.

A big thank you to the lady who has no doubt saved this mans life he she hadn’t come across him.

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