Large amount of plants seized following drugs raid on Hainton Avenue property last night

Police officers were seen removing the plants around 8.30pm last night

Police officers were at a property on Hainton Avenue last night removing what is believed to be a substantial amount of cannabis plants.

This was after police raided the former Munchies cafe on the street yesterday afternoon.

Police officers removing the plants from the rear of the property

Yesterday afternoon police had carried out a drugs raid on a flat above the now closed munchies cafe and bar on Hainton Avenue.

The cafe bar were the drugs raid was carried out

The property was sealed off from the rear with police taping of the alley way which is located on Pasture Street.

Police called out Northern Powergrid to make the power supply to the property safe. Police were guarding the property until a police van arrived last night to remove the find.

Police officers start to remove the plants from the property

At around 8.30pm last night, A police van arrived at the rear of the property on Pasture Street and started to remove the plants and put them in to the police van.

Plants being removed from Hainton Avenue property picture ©️Cleethorpes News 24

There was a very substantial amount of plants brought out which actually filled the whole of the rear of the van.

More plants being taken away Picture ©️Cleethorpes News 24

The officers were back and forth for about 30 minutes bringing the plants out.

Plants being loaded in to police van Picture ©️Cleethorpes News 24

After the property was emptied of the plants, The Police officers left the scene to the scene guard officers and drove away with the seized plants ( Video above)

Police are continuing their enquiries and we are waiting for more details to be released.

Pictures and Video ©️ Cleethorpes News 24

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