Hero Joe Helps Stranded Man With Scooter On A180

Good Man Joe.

Hereo Joe

Hero Joe

A Local man came to the rescue of a stranded man on a scooter yesterday on the A180.  Kevin Williams had got two flat tyres on his scooter and was stuck on a A180  lay by for a long time waiting for help.

Little did he a know that a lad he didn’t know would come to his rescue. Joe (surname withheld) was on his way home after dropping his girlfriend off home and noticed that Kevin seemed to be in trouble with his scooter and decided he would help.

Joe came to the lay by and offered to help Kevin get his scooter in to Joes van. Kevin said  Joe offered to put the scooter in his van and would take me home

Kevin said that Joe went all out of his way to take me right outside my house which was really good of him, As I didn’t know how long I would have been waiting to get sorted out.

I cannot thank this man enough who went out of his way to help me, Its people like Joe, Who we should hear about and see stories about especially with all the negative stories lately in the local news, Kevin sent this message to Joe,  Thanks Brother and be safe.

What a great bit of good news that was. Wouldnt it be good  to hear a lot more good news stories like Joe and Kevins it does look better than all the bad news lately.


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