Fire Service Attend Hainton Ave Earlier Tonight

Humberside Fire Service At Hainton Ave Tonight.

The fire service attended the property after smoke alarms went off in a house on Hainton ave Grimsby around 6.30 earlier tonight.

Two fire appliances and crews dealt with the situation checking through the whole property some BA gear was used and extinguishers were seen to be used.

After they had thoroughly checked the property it was stated it was a electrical fault in one of the bedrooms in the property which had set the smok alarms off.

The commander in charge has us to put a warning out for everyone to check their smoke alarms every week to make sure they are not faulty and in working order.

The Commander also stated that if you need any advice for fire safety at home or advice on smoke alarms then please contact the Humberside fire hub which can be seen below

Stay safe and get your alarms checked #StaySafe

Safety in the home advice

Below are ways you can make your home safer: 

  • Fit smoke alarms and test them regularly
  • Never leave cooking unattended
  • Plan and practise your escape route
  • Switch off appliances before going to bed – including your cooker
  • Close all internal doors to prevent a fire from spreading
  • Share your safety plans with family and friends and look out for the elderly

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