Final Total Of Knives In From Amnesty

Over 500 knives and weapons taken off the streets of Humberside

19 Mar 2019

Final Total Of Knives Handed In

505 knives and weapons have been handed into the knife bins during #OpSceptre.

Last week Humberside Police took part in the national knife surrender campaign #OpSceptre bins were placed in police stations across the force and people had the opportunity to hand in any weapon they wanted to.

Hull’s Inspector Matthew Wilson was present when the bins were unlocked and the contents revealed; “There are some very serious weapons here that will now be destroyed and will never get into the hands of anyone who intends to do harm. 

“There is a mixed bag of weapons in the bins and some are souvenir swords which although are not the usual lethal weapon if the owners want to get rid of them then I am happy they’ve handed them in rather than them getting into the hands of anyone else who could use them to commit crime


“Some bins got a lot more knives handed in than others with the main areas being Hull and Grimsby.  I want to thank everyone who took the time to come to hand in these weapons”

Although this campaign has ended if anyone wants to hand a knife or weapon in you can call 101 to arrange for them to be handed in.

We continue our #NoMoreKnives campaign and are visiting every Secondary school in the Force area to give a presentation and talk to students about the dangers of carrying knives.

The final numbers of weapons handed in broken down:

  • Goole 90​
  • Scunthorpe 90
  • Hull (Clough / Hessle / Osborne) 145
  • Grimsby 160
  • Beverley 20.

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