Drugs materials found around school grounds: New Waltham Academy

Reports of Drug Taking New Waltham

It was reported yesterday by New Waltham Academy that they have unfortunately found drug paraphernalia around the school grounds, this is really quite sad to hear that this is firstly happening and taking place in the school grounds when the school is closed.

This is not what we want for our community or for our local schools to encounter, it is also unsafe for the local children and could cause potential harm and risk to any person that comes into contact with this.

There is CCTV at the school, this is currently being viewed, this has also been added to the local patrol matrix.

Parents are you aware where your children are?? Could this be your child?

If you have any information regarding this please report it to 101 and ask to speak to your local PCSO Keeley BUROWS 7823

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