Drive to end Holton le Moor flooding


From Lincolnshire County Council.

Image of a flood sign 

Following an investigation into recurrent flooding on the A46 at Holton le Moor, the highways team is pushing for repairs to nearby private drainage systems.

Water continues to overflow from a nearby reservoir, where water levels are still much higher than normal.

This situation is unlikely to change unless there is a prolonged spell of dry weather.

The council has met with the reservoir owner’s agent to explore whether any changes to the reservoir could prevent future overflow. This would be likely to require major engineering works.

The investigations also uncovered significant evidence of a collapsed section of culvert under the railway line, which is preventing water from draining away properly.

Until this blockage is cleared, it means relatively small amounts of rainfall are likely to cause further flooding.

This issue has been reported to Network Rail, who have visited the site to investigate.

Karen Cassar, assistant director for highways, said: We realise this is an extremely frustrating situation for local residents and motorists, and would like to reassure people we are doing all we can to put an end to the repeated flooding.

“The flooding is actually being caused by water flowing in from the adjacent land, which is privately owned.

“Despite this, we have cleared the nearby private ditch and jetted the system to help the water drain a little better.

“We are working with Network Rail to repair the drainage systems, and hopefully make further flooding less likely.

“If these repairs require any access to the local highway, the team is ready to grant permission as a matter of urgency so there’s nothing to hold them up.

“However, until that work has been done, further flooding is likely during periods of wet weather.”

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