Cleethorpes RNLI HM Coastguard and Police rescue vulnerable male last night

Police and coastguard were searching a wide area.

Rescue services rescue vulnerable male
Lifeboat station

Cleethorpes RNLI , HM Coastguard and police were out last night searching for a vulnerable male believed to be in his twenties who was said to be in a distressed state.

HM Coastguard received a call around 11.30pm believed to be from the police for concern about a vulnerable male in a distressed state.

Cleethorpes RNLI were also called and joined up with the Coastguard and Police Ito begin searching for the the distressed man.

The search was around a large area from around the Cleethorpes leisure centre out on to the marshes and also the length of the beach around the pier and down to wonderland end of the north promenade.

The rescue services could be heard calling out for any response from the male, But were unsuccessful for a long period.

It is believed there was going to be a call for the search and rescue helicopter to come and help search for the man.

At around 12.45 there was shout that the man had been located believed to around the marshes which are seen from the Cleethorpes leisure centre.

The man could be seen getting brought back to safety by the rescue crew and was taken to the waiting police and rescuers in a distressed state.

Thanks once again to the Cleethorpes RNLI HM Coastguard and Humberside Police for another successful rescue.

These services deserve all the praise and respect they get, If it’s not for these brave men and women there wouldn’t be the successful outcomes to these sadly all but common incidents.

I do hope this man gets all the help that is obviously needed for the problems he’s going through and can start to recover.

Once again a big thank you to all our rescue and emergency services for doing a fantastic job once again.

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