Can you help Thomas’s owner

Is there any chance you could help Thomas’s owner with the operation 🤞👍

Please share around.

I’ve recieved this from a page supporter please read.

Hello there, I am messaging in hopes that you can help me with my fundraiser by posting it on your facebook page or website?.

I am from cleethorpes and currently in the process of trying to raise funds for my beautiful cat Thomas to get a life saving operation.

Thomas (submitted picture)

I only rescued him 10 months ago from the RSPCA, however he has required constant veterinary treatment in that short time and cost me over £2000 in vet bills already.

He now requires a major operation to fix his issue which is going to cost around £3000 due to it being a very specialised and difficult operation.

Please could you help me raise the funds by sharing it on your page? Thank you.

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