Can You Help Demi: She Needs Urgent Treatment In Texas

‘We’re literally begging people for help’ – Demi Knights mum, reveals she has just months to live as her cancer spreads so they need to get to Texas for urgent treatment




Demi and mum Mel are really desperate for everyones help. They have received devastating news about Demi.


Demi was a perfectly happy, healthy and normal 9 year old little girl who, in December 2015, was suddenly diagnosed with a Classic Medullablastoma brain tumour.
She had full surgical removal, followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy which finished in February 2017 and was having clear 3 monthly scans up until her most recent MRI scan last month (March 2018) which has shown that the tumour has returned in her spine and head. A further scan at 8 weeks later has shown the disease to be progressing.
As the standard treatment has failed, we’ve been told this isn’t going to get any better!

Since this news we have frantically been trying to find where promising treatment is available and have found the Burzynski Clinic in Houston Texas to offer us the best hope through using Antineoplaston Therapy, but, this is to come at a cost that on our own is impossible to pay for.
I’ve spoken to parents who have a child who was treated at this very clinic after being told their child’s brain cancer was also terminal and all hope was lost, this was back in 2008 and this child’s tumour is now resolved! And she is alive and well today
And based on other people’s personal experiences of visiting and being treated at this clinic, that’s why we’ve chosen it and are desperate to get Demi there.

We have been told that to get us going we need at least £35,000 but that costs will be ongoing and will end up costing upto around at least £150,000+ and this is to cover costs of everything that involves getting us out there including the treatment itself, flights, accommodation and additional tests, medication, follow ups etc.

We have the support of a fully qualified naturopath who is helping and guiding us with intergrated treatment. We have changed Demi’s diet dramatically and she is also having HBOT 5 days a week, our nearest centre is nearly an hour away.

We are desperate for funding and prepared to do and go to whatever lengths we need to, to save our Demi and I as a mother will never give up on my daughter, she will not be taken from me and so I’m asking everyone of you for your help and support for this treatment that offers hope for Demi. Every little helps and I thank you in advance for your support in helping us to get to where we need to be.

There is a little video you can watch too about Demi below.


If we should be so lucky to reach our goal and/or there is any money left over that we don’t personally need to use in helping demi get better through what we are already doing then we would like to use it to help and support other families who may one day be in the same position that I am in right now! I feel it’s only right that the money we raise goes towards what it is intended for, to help save a life!

Dr Burzynski has reviewed all of Demi’s medical records and has said he can treat her! As soon as we have enough funding we can go to Texas! Please help us to get my daughter there, the sooner the better, it’s urgent that we get out there before it’s too late  If you can help in any little way it would really help.

Please go to the page below and help in anyway you can to Help get Demi the Treatment she deserves.

We also have a Facebook group, please join and add people to it, the more support we have the better!


Please Share Their Plight The More its Shared The More It Will Help.




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