Armed police sealed part of Heneage road off earlier this evening One male arrested

It’s believed to involve a gun being aimed at someone.

Armed officer guards car with detained in: Picture: © Cleethorpes News 24

Armed police officers sealed off part of Heneage road Grimsby earlier after its believed a man was at a window pointing a gun at someone.

Man being put in to van to be takenaway: picture © Cleethorpes News 24

Armed officers went to a property were the male was thought be in and pointed their weapons at a male who was the entrance to the property. He was told to raise his hands above his head.

Police moved in and detained the male and took him to a police car.

Other officers were seen inside the property checking around before more armed police left the house.

The man was taken out of the police car and put in to the back of a police van and was driven away from the scene.

More updates to follow.

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