Armed Police Descended on Oxford Street Grimsby Earlier Tonight.

Up to six armed response units and dog units rushed to the Lifestyle Express store on Oxford Street Grimsby following a suspected robbery and assault.

Armed police and paramedics attended an incident tonight on Oxford Street Grimsby .

Armed Police On Oxford Street Earlier Tonight :Picture © Cleethorpes News 24

It is believed to have been an attempted robbery and serious assault.

Paramedics were treating a man at the scene Who was down in the doorway of the store and then transferred to a waiting ambulance to taken to hospital.

Paramedics treat the injured man at the store. Pictures :© Cleethorpes News 24.
Armed Police and Detectives at the scene. Pictures:© Cleethorpes News 24

These haven’t been confirmed at this time and we are waiting on more information and details from Humberside police when its released.

More updates to follow.

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