Alleged assault last night on Cobden Street Grimsby a side street off Freeman street.

Police and East midlands Ambulance service were called last night to Cobden street Grimsby .

Police were called out last night to what’s believed to have been some sort of assault which took place on or around Cobden street,the small side street that leads you to Asda off Freeman st.

Police and East Midlands ambulance service at the scene of the assault : Video : © Cleethorpes News 24

Its believed it happened around 10.30pm when police received the call.

The ambulance service were dealing with the person in the back of the ambulance who was believed to have been assaulted.

Ambulance crew deal with the victim inside the ambulance : Picture: © Cleethorpes News 24

The police cordoned off both ways to Coben st and some neighbouring shops on Freeman st have also been cordoned off while police examine the area. Police could be seen looking on the pavement outside buisnesses on Freeman st aswell as Cobden Street.

Cobden street scene of the alleged assault : Picture :© Cleethorpes News 24

The ambulance eventually left the scene and set off to the hospital for more treatment to the victim.

Police remain on the scene while more investigations are carried out.

More details will follow when known.

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