A Van crashed in to a wall on Hainton Ave tonight a woman was trapped in the van

Fire service at the scene: Picture: © Cleethorpes News 24

It happened around 7.45 pm tonight involving a black Volvo S6

The Emergency services have been at the scene of a serious crash in Hainton Avenue in Grimsby tonight.

A white van collided with a wall after an accident in the busy street at around 7.45pm. Involving a black Volvo S6

Volvo S6 which was involved in the accident: Picture:© Cleethorpes News 24

It is believed one woman, the driver of the van, has been injured in the accident and was believed to have been trapped.

Another vehicle, a Volvo being driven by a man, was also involved but isnt badly damaged.

The van was believed to have left the road, crossed the pavement and collided with the low wall of a house on the street.

Van which had crashed in to wall on Hainton Ave: Picture : © Cleethorpes News 24.

It suffered serious damage in the impact and the woman driver was believed to have been trapped.

First at the scene were two Humberside fire engines who quickly begun to look after the trapped woman in the van.

Around 40 minutes later paramedics and Ambulance crews arrived to deal with the accident.

At around 8.45pm the woman was freed from the vehicle and taken to an ambulance for further treatment.

More updates to follow.

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