99yr old veteran still going strong with the bagpipes.

War veteran Jim Beadie still playing the bagpipes at 99

99yrs old veteran : Picture: © Chriss Toogood

Jim Beadie is 99 years old he’s the founding member of the ‘Grimsby and District Pipe Band’ and still going strong.

Jim was performing at the Cleethorpes armed forces weekend.

Halfway through the ceremony he needed a sit-down, A lady, Chriss Toogood was photographing the band playing when she noticed Jim.

Jim with the other members of the band : Picture: © Chriss Toogood

Chriss went to him with a cup of cold orange juice to help him recover from the heat.

“Chriss said” ‘After I gave him the drink he just carried on playing those great tunes we all know and love.” Well done mate you’re a star to us all!

Jim entertaining the crowds : Picture: © Chriss Toogood

Jim soon got back up from a quick sit down and put his bagpipes back on and carried on with the rest of the band.

Thank you Jim Beadie.


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